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RAW STOCK!!! Celebrating Cinema, Oakland, CA is a film/video festival celebrating the rich, diverse community of Oakland/Bay Area independent filmmakers of color.  This new venture was begun by  a group of filmmakers, videographers, film enthusiasts, and lovers of the medium residing in the Oakland/Bay Area.


A recognized need for :

  • A permanent, annual event focusing long needed attention on the multitude of film/video artists of color within the
    Oakland/Bay Area ;
  • A need for these artists and their respective communities to come together under one umbrella exploring and celebrating
    differences and similarities through education based screenings and discussions;
  • A vehichle for direct, succint communication between area multi-ethnic community members (Black American,Asian,
    Hispanic, Indigenous American, etc.), the educational community and the business community;

  • An event  focusing a positive light on the collective, artistic, multi-faceted richness that is Oakland.


Mills College
5000 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA

For Maps and Directions, click here


November 8-13, 1999


Early Sponsors include:

  • Mills College Office of Diversity &
    the Department of Dramatic Arts & Communications;

  • East Bay Express;

  • Bay TV/KRON;

  • World Trust, Inc. (Non-profit Sponsor)

  • Additional Early Supporters include:

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