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Written, directed and produced by Christa Collins

Miles is a struggling artist. Toni is the woman who loves him.
A constant irritation in their relationship, is that on the
surface Miles appears to be disgusted that Toni smokes. Toni,
on the other hand, resents that Miles who works in an unskilled
job; a job that she does not respect.

Woven between the sniping is a swatch of affection. The conflict
boils over, and the resulting break-up provides an opportunity for
them to decide what really matters in the relationship.

Writer-producer Craig Franklin

What is the genetic basis of race? What percentage of the
United States' population is white, hispanic, black, asian,
and native american? Should society acknowledge cultural differences
or should we exist in a color blind society? How aer the differences
being dealt with in the Bay Area?

The report discusses genetics, beliefs and customs that make up the current
dialogue on race. It profiles individuals and programs that are trying
to improve race relations.

Written by Mary Jane Tapalla and James Perry
Directed by Mary Jane Tapalla

Aguirre-Sullivan's character laments, "All the wants I have are
condemned by the church." The woman ponders her sexuality and is
determined to accept it.

Produced and directed by Carole P. Chamberland

The Ledgend of Bop City provides a rare look at the history of
music in San Francisco. Bop City, an after-hours club in the Fillmore
district, began as the back room of Jimbo's Waffle Shop. It evolved into
the place where local musicians and the likes of Charlie Parker, Dexter
Gordon and James Moody came to jam.

Bop City was the place to be. Sammy Davis Jr., Errol Garer, Duke Ellington
and San Francisco's affluent white mixed with local partons to enjoy this
local treasure.

Produced by Cauleen Smith and Salim Akil
Directed by Cauleen Smith

Pica Sullivan is on a mission to preserve the images of an endangered species:
the black male. Pica, with her Polaroid in hand, approaches males in her
neighborhood and asks for their permission to take their picture.

The death of Malik, her special friend, inspired her to construct a monument
to her community's deceased African American males. Pica had recorded
the images of many of those she explains,"I'm capturing and preserving
their image - a proof of existence."

Written and Directed by Samm Styles

The experience of a poet who expresses her indepth, unique, heightened
spiritual awareness of a communication between two passing souls.

Written and Directed by Stacey Pyles

Combin' Through the Kinks explores the beliefs and practices of
African American women as is relates to their hair. Is it based upon
defiance, social acceptance, or convenience?

Written and Directed by Shakti Butler

Dialogue of women from eight cultures including: Arab, African Amerian, Asian
American, Euro-American, Jewish, Multi-racial, Indigenous, and Latino. How
does American society acknowledge a woman's place as it relates to each group.

Written & Directed by Maria Brooks

A true story of self-deception, denial, and struggle with personal demons.
Maria Brooks paints an interesting picture of Capt. Mike Healy, famous San Francisco
Naval officer in the early 1900's who helped open up Alaska. The best sea captain on the
West coast, Captain Mike was a Black man passing as white throughout most of his adult life.
He developed a serious drinking problem and was drummed out of the service in disgrace. His
story is poignant on many levels as his life was a lie.

MIDNIGHT RAMBLE: Oscar Micheaux & the Story of Race Movies Conceived & Produced by Pamela Thomas, Co-Producer, Bestor Cram

This groundbraking documentary tells the history of the early Black independent filmmakers from
1910 thru 1950. Focusing on film pioneer,Oscar Micheauxwe learn the hidden history of racism within
the film industry and the little known network of filmmakers who made "race movies" for the Black

* PayBack Chris Reggie & Pam Thomas

* The Color of Fear Lee Mun Wah

About Race BAY TV & KRON

When the Fire Dims, Dan Golding

Half/Half, Andrea Leonino

Lockiní Up, Nicole Atkinson

* Rabbit In The Moon, Emiko Omori

* Hati, Harvest of Hope; Kevin Pina

A Hymn to Alvin Ailey, Orlando Bagwell